Nervous System DNA Test

The ADVANCED GENETICS® Food Intolerance Test for migraines, headaches, and sleep disorders from the prestigious ADNlab® laboratories also includes assistance to our patients from our licensed nutritionists.

Discover what food(s) are causing you nervous system disorders such as headaches or migraines in just three steps with the sophisticated technologies of ADNpatent®.

The DNA Test for the nervous system is personalized and identifies in detail which foods should be eliminated from your diet and replaced with others. These foods are not just damaging your nervous system; they are also damaging your health. Not all foods affect people in the same way as each person reacts to foods differently. With its advanced technology, ADNlab ® is the only DNA Test analyzing your incompatibility to 600 foods by analyzing in depth the core of your DNA.

Unlike other tests, this is the only one analyzing 6 parameters with 600 foods, which means 3600 contrast indicators.

The advanced Food Intolerance Test for problems in the nervous system utilizes a simple technological device to remove a DNA sample. Our lab requires only a saliva sample, for this test we need not conduct blood analysis. Following analysis, you will conveniently receive by email the comprehensive results of your test and complete information concerning your diagnosis and recommended dietary guidelines. In addition, you can receive advice from our licensed nutritionists.

Nervous System DNA Test


  • Sleep disorders
  • Migraines
  • Headaches

Additional patients who may benefit from this test:

  • Patients suffering from headaches of mild or moderate intensity in high frequency.
  • Patients with migraines with no solution.
  • Especially for those with sleeping disorder/ insomnia.
  • Patients who have tried other pharmacological, naturist or alternative therapies without finding a solution.

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