Energy and Athletics DNA Test

The Food Intolerance Test by ADVANCED GENETICS® prevents sports injuries and enhances athletic performance. Following analysis by the prestigious ADNlab® laboratories, you can receive advice by telephone and email from our licensed nutritionists.

Discover what food(s) are causing you physical and mental exhaustion, stress or even premature ageing in just three steps with the sophisticated technology by ADNpatent®.

The Energy and Athletics DNA Test is personalized and identifies in detail which foods should be eliminated from your diet and replaced with others. These foods are not just affecting you on a physical or mental level; they are actually damaging your health.

With its advanced technology, ADNlab® is the only DNA Test analyzing your incompatibility to 600 foods by analyzing in depth the core of your DNA.

Unlike other DNA tests, this is the only one analyzing 6 parameters for 600 foods, which means 3600 contrast indicators.

The advanced Energetic and Athletics Food Intolerance Test utilizes a simple technological device to remove a DNA sample. The test only requires a saliva sample, it is not necessary for this test to conduct blood analysis. Following analysis, you will conveniently receive by email the comprehensive results of your test and complete information concerning your diagnosis and recommended dietary guidelines. In addition, you can receive advice by telephone and email from our licensed nutritionists.

Energy and Athletics DNA Test


  • Physical exhaustion
  • Stress
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Premature ageing

Additional patients who may benefit from this test:

  • Athletes needing to improve their physical performance in training sessions.
  • People who are continuously tired and haven’t identified the cause.
  • Especially for those who want to prevent premature cellular aging due to an over-training.
  • Athletes who want to prevent any type of injury and eliminate muscle cramping.
  • People just beginning to practice a sport.
  • People wishing to optimize their recovery process.
  • Patients not finding a solution to their problems with pharmacological, naturist or alternative therapies.

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